Indications for Dental Anesthesia


· Patient or Practitioner Preference

· Pediatric Dental Treatments

· Physical or Mental Challenges

· High Anxiety / Low Pain Threshold

· Full Mouth Dental Treatments

· Prolonged Dental Treatments

· Osseous Oral Surgery Procedures

· History of Local Block Failure

· Accentuated Gag Reflex

· History of Local Anesthetic Allergy

· Stable Coexisting Medical Problem




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Dental Anesthesia Associates provides San Diego and the Southern Orange County community with the highest quality dental anesthesia available. We invite you to allow us the opportunity to facilitate your dental treatment plans.

There was a time when anesthesia was only administered in hospitals and surgery centers, but with today's ultra-compact anesthesia equipment, we are able to create a convenient and safe surgery center setting for dental sedation. You or you child can avoid the inconvenience and expense of a hospital visit while still experiencing minimal or no awareness of the dental procedure.

The fear of pain, the sound of drilling, and the thought of “shots in the mouth” make many of us anxious around a dentist or oral surgeon. Dentists often use nitrous oxide or moderately sedating pills or drinks to ease patient's worries, so they will cooperate during the dental procedure.

Despite this, some of us still will not tolerate any dental procedures. In addition, extensive work requires patients to remain calm and still for impossibly long amounts of time. For these patients, we come to the dental office and provide a deeper level of sedation and anesthesia, eliminating all fears and ensuring that anxious patients will cooperate and allow the dentist to complete dental care safely and efficiently.

We provide a range of services from intravenous sedation to general anesthesia. We provide anesthesia professional services, monitoring equipment, and patient care items in the convenience of your dentist's office. Mobile anesthesia comes to you!

We invite you to explore our website and consult with us as to how we can make you dental experience less stressful and more productive.